Jorge A. Morales

Jorge A. Morales was born in 1973 in Guatemala. After being inspired by paintings that he saw on a calendar in a pharmacy, he picked up in 1995 for the first time a brush and in 1999 he opened together with a friend his own art gallery in Antigua, Guatemala. Now Jorge A. Morales is well known in Guatemala, especially because of his landscapes in sepia.

His paintings show streets, villages, cities, landscapes and people of Guatemala and other countries in the world. In his work you not only can appreciate a well developed technique, but especially realize the desire to capture a precious moment: the humidity and melancholy of a rainy day, the curiosity and shyness of a child playing hide-and-seek, the silent architectural testimony of a European city as a frame for the daily activities of its inhabitants. These and many other motives make it possible for the observer to glimpse the moment, similar to a photography.

Ernesto Boesche Rizo, a well-known art critic in Guatemala writes: „I am sure, everybody who has seen his paintings desires to aquire one for his collection, to enjoy it every single day of his life."

Jorge A. Morales exhibits his paintings in Guatemala, the USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain and in Germany and his paintings can be found in private collections all over the world.